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Banco Alcalá COVID-19 measures

In these exceptional circumstances due to the uncertainty caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic, we at Banco Alcalá want to keep you up to date with all the relevant information.

In accordance with instructions from the health authorities of the Government of Spain, the Bank has put in place the necessary protocols and implemented a business continuity plan in order to protect the health of employees, customers and providers, and to maintain provision of service to our customers with the maximum guarantees.

Banco Alcalá has implemented remote working, avoiding as far as possible any impact on its activities and operations.

Your manager remains at your disposal, and you can contact them by email or telephone.

To perform any transactions or to ask any questions, you can also call 91 175 07 00 to be redirected to your manager.

With online banking you can view your positions and perform everyday transactions like transfers and orders to buy and sell stock.

Merkaat is the digital investment advisory service that lets you buy and sell online instantly with the support of our experts, without needing to go to your branch.

Merkaat adjusts to the markets through a constant monitoring of your portfolio, so that it is adapted to your needs at all times.

To sign up to the service, you can start a videocall with one of our managers from home instantly, or schedule one for when it suits you best.

Download the Merkaat app at the following links:


More information at www.merkaat.en.

Through online banking, go to e-Broker to stay up to date with the market on a daily basis. See the advantages of activating e-Broker at the following link (

You can also access the Research blog, with the latest news in the world of finance and economics written by the team of analysts at Crèdit Andorrà Group. You can sign up to the newsletter to receive all the latest news.

You can also follow us on Twitter @CAFG_Research.

In order to prevent fraud, we remind you that Banco Alcalá will never ask you for your online banking password or PIN via email, social networks or by any other means.

Banco Alcalá continuously follows the guidelines set by the relevant authorities, and our entire team is united in the goal of being by the side of people and families in order to detect any needs they may have.

We at Banco Alcalá want to express our support to all employees, customers and, in general, to Spanish society, which is currently suffering the consequences of this pandemic. Our support also extends to all healthcare workers and people who are demonstrating their level of dedication, efficiency and generosity in containing the coronavirus pandemic.